Texas Fundraiser delivers a unique product that elevates its recipients, not merely to Texas Royalty, but to the uppermost ranks of Texas Royalty.

The honoree will occupy the thin layer of those at the top of the stratification hierachy of elites who exhibit especially great influence, authority, or power and who generally have the highest prestige within what is prestigious collectivity to begin with. 

They truly become, “Texans among Texans.”

We work very hard to help you present both your recipients and the organization you’re funding.  We do this through specific campaigns built around holidays such as: 

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Christmas
  • and Many Other Holidays

There’s so much more. Our efforts magnify and support your current efforts, promoting your organization to a growing audience of potential donors.

Our continuous efforts promote awareness of your organization and promote products whose sales could support your cause.  As importantly, these are products that people actually want.  That helps you sell more product.

Don’t follow… LEAD with Texas Fundraiser.  We’re every bit as good as we sound.  Let us prove it. 


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